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When we can optimise our living environment, our quality of life increases significantly.

We maintain direct and personal contact with the tenants, buyers and companies to ensure this.
Simple and personal:
+49 30 992897970 and info@living-up.com

We specialise in residential real estate and are competent in:

Strategic analysis, Transactions, Management, Administration, Development, Marketing.

Competence generates Value

There is an intrinsic connection between the place we live and our quality of life. When we can optimise our living environment, our quality of life increases significantly.

Focus on sustainable investment return.

We aim to create long-term, appropriate profits so that we are able to fulfil prospective contracts and continuously grow to meet the demands of the future.

Acting responsibly towards the industrial, social and natural environment

This is particularly true with regard to our work using resources, managing assets and generating profit.

living:up acts in accordance with market conditions.

We take into consideration socio-economic structures on a regional and national level in our decisions, with both business and private clients.

living:up continuously strives to optimise its work.

We regularly review our processes and procedures, report our experiences and make changes wherever there may be room for improvement. Our open communication structure ensures that this knowledge exchange is made possible.

living:up acts as a teamplayer.

So that our staff continue to perform to the highest of their abilities, a good work-life balance is important to us. The performance-based pay structure takes into account the success of the individual, team and company as a whole.

living:up is a reliable partner.

We always endeavour to have trusting and long-term co-operative work. This can only grow from a reciprocal relationship of give and take, so it something that we also encourage from our business partners and clients.