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Administration, Management, Transactions, Strategic Analysis, Development, Marketing

Specialised in residential real estate our competence lie in these areas.


Our investments in property contribute actively towards the development of the German property industry in general and, more specifically, towards the residential industry.

In our work to develop contemporary living spaces, or rather to optimise existing living spaces, we create environments in line with modern living ideals: The right space, size and location with all the right furnishing and amenities - whether to buy or to rent. Our aim is to put together a high quality portfolio of residential real estate in good locations and to offer these to our customers, either on a to-rent or to-buy basis.

Alongside managing our own investments, we act as a Managing Partner and Consultant for investors in the housing industry. In our work as such, we are characterised as a reliable and transparent Asset Management firm with a keen focus on value.

Our clients profit from our decades of experience in all of the aforementioned areas. One of our key charactertistics in the consultancy field is our modular service system that allows us to offer our resources and skills to our clients in a focussed and project-oriented way. We are thus able to develop and implement rapid solutions, whether for general or more specific projects.

Areas of Business

We bring together our expertise in flexibile, efficient and closely related units of competency and are therefore able to offer our clients tailor-made solutions from our individual areas of specialisation for each and every assignment.


  • The purchase of residential complexes, apartment blocks and detached houses
  • The purchase of housing companies
  • The sale of housing portfolios
  • Carrying out Due Diligence reviews

Asset Management,
Portfolio Management

  • The strategic planning of housing portfolios
  • An analysis of competition and identification of potential for value increase
  • The definition and implementation of measures that can be taken to increase the added value

Property Management,

  • Traditional rental management
  • Management of special property ownership
  • Private property management


  • The conception and supervision of building projects
  • The planning and implementation of loft conversions, densification meaures and revitilisation projects


The sale and rental of

  • Apartments
  • Detached houses
  • Apartment complexes
  • Units for commercial use

living:up is always interested in the purchase of new living spaces at prices in line with market conditions.

The following conditions are key factors in our selection process:

  • At least 20 apartments per location
  • An average living space of 60 m² and above
  • A socially well-balanced surrounding environment
  • West German cities and their surrounding areas
  • Max. 15% for commercial use

We make every effort to work promptly to provide you with a quick response.