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We bring together our expertise in flexibile, efficient and closely related units of competency and are therefore able to offer our clients tailor-made solutions from our individual areas of specialisation for each and every assignment.

Acquisition/ Transactions

  • The purchase of residential complexes, apartment blocks and detached houses
  • The purchase of housing companies
  • The sale of housing portfolios
  • Carrying out Due Diligence reviews

Asset Management/ Portfolio Management

  • The strategic planning of housing portfolios
  • An analysis of competition and identification of potential for value increase
  • The definition and implementation of measures that can be taken to increase the added value

Property Management / Administration

  • Traditional rental management
  • Management of special property ownership
  • Private property management


  • The conception and supervision of building projects
  • The planning and implementation of loft conversions, densification meaures and revitilisation projects


The sale and rental of

  • Apartments
  • Detached houses
  • Apartment complexes
  • Units for commercial use